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Ladies Pink Button

Hello, Ladies and Happy New Year!
I shall try to keep the Pink Button updated every 2-3 months and make it informative as well as interesting.
Our next organizational board meeting will be held March 8-9, Friday and Saturday, at The Hyatt in Orlando, the same hotel as the State Convention.
Thinking ahead to the Florida State Convention, which will be held at the Hyatt in Orlando, Friday, May 24 - Sunday, May 26, 2019.
As always, we will have the Ladies Gathering Place open Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, with ample opportunity to get your tickets for both the 50/50 as well as the abundant raffle prizes donated by so many generous ladies. I’d like to also ask well in advance for cookie/goodie donations for the Ladies Gathering Place. We had some outstanding recipes last year! Melodee will be calling to make sure we have enough.
Saturday morning we will have our Appreciation Breakfast, then time at the Ladies Gathering Place, followed by our Ladies luncheon. I have not yet decided on a theme for the luncheon, so stay tuned! Our designated charity will be announced at a later date.
As a fun addition, Melodee is providing recipes, helpful household hints, and beauty tips. Here’s one for our waistlines!
Quick and Easy Boston Cream Cake
1 Sara Lee® lg pound cake, sliced horizontally into thirds
1 can of prepared dark chocolate frosting
1 pt heavy cream
1 box of instant French vanilla pudding mix
Beat heavy cream until thickening; add 1/2-full box of vanilla pudding, to taste, and beat until firm, but still creamy. Place bottom layer of cake on serving platter (that can fit in the fridge). Spread with half of cream mixture. Place middle layer on top of first layer and cream mixture; spread with remaining cream mixture. Place top layer of cake on top of previous layers.
Remove plastic and tin coverings from plastic can of frosting. Microwave on high for 30 sec or more until creamy and smooth, very spreadable but not to the liquid state. Pour/spread over the top (and sides, if so desired) of entire cake. (I, personally, don’t wind up using the entire can). Allow to cool 30 minutes. Place toothpicks on top of cake to keep wrap from touching frosting, wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to serve.
Hope you enjoy our update and also hope to see you at the Convention!