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Supreme Offers Rebates for STAR Council

Supreme Offers Rebates for STAR Council

Star Council does not only demonstrate the success of your council and your leadership of that council, but it can again increase your income.

Supreme is again offering a $4.50 credit for each billable member on your roster as of July 1, 2019. If your council has one hundred billable members, this rebate equates to a $450 credit. You do the math!

"I am confident that councils throughout the state of Florida are doing great things in support of Faith, Family, Community and Life programs and are working hard to meet their membership goals," said State Deputy Don Kahrer. "But as we enter the final three months of the fraternal year, we may need to push just a little harder to reach the finish line," Kahrer said.

"I’m sure every council has a local charity, seminarian, school or parish activity that could use the additional financial support you can offer with this amount added to your budget, the State Deputy continued, "So let’s get it done!"