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Knights of Columbus

St. Scholastica Council #14485 trains new members

The St. Scholastica Council #14485 recently held a training session for its newer members. Ron Kornatowski, representative for the council, said that too often, many clubs, organizations and other groups do not follow up with the new members. This, in turn, causes those members to lose interest and become non-functional within that group or to leave it altogether. Ron said that new members join for a reason; they want to be a part of something and have a lot to offer. The council decided to hold a training session for all its new members to show them the organizational structure, what the Knights are all about and all the many fields available to them to improve our community, church and our own families. Also discussed were the benefits that are given and available to all Knights of Columbus. Instructors for the class were Bill Fischer, Program Director (standing), Vic Jamnik, Council Director (seated on right) and Ron Kornatowski, Church Director and council Lecturer (not pictured). Attendees are George Fanning, Wayne Pulsifer, Ben DiVona, Bill Matos, Ray Perkins, Armand Goulet and Austin Johnson, their youngest member at age 18.