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Knights of Columbus

St. John Council 11281 25th Anniversary

The October 8th Twenty Fifth Anniversary Celebration of the St. John Knights of Columbus Council was a beautiful recognition of a quarter century of Charity – Unity – Fraternity – Patriotism which are the Principles of the Knights of Columbus. The evening began with a beautiful Mass, which processed in led by only Two Knights of Columbus Color Corp. wearing the Uniform of 1994 and the new uniform of 2019. The Mass was concelebrated by our Pastor Rev. Father Tom Zalewski, Rev. Father Thomas Glackin, Rev. Father Kantor (Diocesan Chaplain of the Knights of Columbus and Pastor of St. Agnes), Rev. Fr. Arun Paul, and in attendance was Monsignor Robert Coll. Deacon Frank Pannicia also celebrated in the Mass along with Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, and Servers, ALL aforementioned being members of the Knights of Columbus. Father Tom gave a beautiful Homily which praised the work of the St. John Council and the Knights of Columbus order.
The Mass was followed by an evening of Memories and Tribute to those who made the twenty-five year legacy of the St. John Council what it has been. Over 225 attended the celebration and enjoyed the Memorabilia on display depicting 25 years of service to the Parish and Community. A commemorative booklet was provided to all in attendance which provided additional memories and examples of the historical events which occurred since the 1994 beginnings of our Council. Included was a page of the original signatures of 64 charter members, four of which were in attendance. A list of all deceased members was within the booklet and a moment of silent prayer offered to each of them and their loved ones.
The evening honored the Original Pastor and Chaplain of the Council, Fr. Thomas Glackin and the Current Pastor Fr. Tom Zalewski. A Donation in the the Name of Fr. Glackin was presented by Council Grand Knight Joe Hemrick and Fr. Zalewski was presented with a Knights of Columbus Vestment and Stoll which he wore during the Mass. Each honoree was given a crystal plaque thanking them for their support and spiritual leadership during the 25 years. Every Past Grand Knight in attendance who served from 1994-2019, and their wives, were individually recognized and thanked for their leadership and commitment to the Council, Parish, and the Order.
The evening concluded with a musical tribute by the one musician who was a part of the 25 Year Milestone period, Paul Todd Sr. and his son Paul Todd Jr. Paul Sr. noted in his remarks that his son, Father Anthony Russo, sends his regards to the members of St. John Council and thanked the Council for its support throughout his journey onto becoming a Priest. A night of song and dance concluded with all in attendance having yet one more memory of the St. John Knights of Columbus.