Florida State Council

Knights of Columbus

Solidarity for Life at The Gates of Hell

For almost the last four years the council at Monsignor Martin B. Power 14573, has been on a mission. This mission entails driving 70 miles across county lines to Orlando Women Center (OWC). This is Central Florida’s most notorious abortion clinic. Although located and surrounded by doctor offices and near a hospital, this office aim is not healing or wellness, but victimization and death.
For as many as 30 children on any given day, OWC will be the place of their demise. In this common looking building, lives are taken and dreams are shattered. With each life taken, Christ is not only rejected, but despised, destroyed, and disposed. The fact is, there are more rules and regulations in place to govern the handling of the clinic’s trash than the way it handles the mom and the lives of these children. Well actually, legally they are not even considered human beings but rather, property of the mother, and as such they can be disposed and discarded however and whenever the mother decides.
As Knights of Columbus and as Knights of Christ, we have always recognized the evil of abortion. The greater the evil the greater our obligation to face it and address it. So on the first Saturday of each month, several Knights reach OWC in a spirit of prayer and hope. Once there we blast the clinic with prayers using our greatest weapon, the Holy Rosary. We pray the entire Rosary reflecting on the life of Christ through the Sorrowful, Joyful, Glorious, and Luminous mysteries. Once completed we attempt to reach moms who are abortion bound by reaching out to them by offering help. We try to provide them with true choices. We try to eliminate the clouds of darkness that inculcates these moms. We become lifeguards by literally throwing them a lifeline, true options, financial help, housing help, counseling. Whatever the situation is, we try to be the helping hand and face of Christ.
Unfortunately, the face of Christ has eluded many, thus becoming unrecognizable to many moms. For many, being victimized for most of their lives has corroded their hope and faith in and for life. However, every once in while, a heart is opened and a life is saved. In fact about 20 human lives have been saved in almost the four years we have been “lifeguards.”
On April 7, 2012 we had a very special clinic visit. Our very own bishop joined us. Bishop John Noonan led a procession from St. James Cathedral to the death camp. On this day we had brought a bus full with Knights and their families. It was a wonderful testament of solidarity, faith and hope. We prayed together and sang together.
The spiritual warfare on this particular Saturday was very intense and it was raging. All of our prayers and the presence of God within us really brought out the hatred and disdain evil has against God and against our defense for life. The rage was such that it manifested itself physically by lashing out against one of our Knights. Shortly after the group that came with the Bishop had processed back to the cathedral, a confrontation occurred. One of our disabled Knights who uses a walker, was assaulted by a man picking up a post abortive mom. He walked towards the Knight, pulled the walker out of his hands, and then pushed him to the ground on the sidewalk. While he attempted to attack the knight while laying on the sidewalk, two knights grabbed and restrained the man. At this point the man was released and got in his car and left. The police and EMS were called. The knight who was attacked was not seriously injured by the grace of God, even though this Knight suffers from a brittle bone disorder.
Over the years our ministry has inspired others to join us. We currently have men who are Protestants, and Evangelicals who join us. There is nothing more beautiful than to see several men come together in a spirit of solidarity, united for one common goal, standing at the gates of hell with our brother in Christ by our side and the Holy Spirit in our hearts and in our lips. Nothing can stop us. Well, they might try, but will not succeed.