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Sir Knight Rich Sarnowsky of Assembly 3418 Receives VAVS Award

Rich Sarnowski accepts award for over 500 service hours at the VA

Rich Sarnowski joined the VAVS about in 2012. At this time I was helping Assembly 1850 and 3418 with food deliveries to the homeless food bank for Veterans on 46st and Fowler Ave. in Tampa Florida. Each month the affiliated Councils with the Assemblies bring no perishable food items and personal Hygiene products to their meetings which are then collected and given to me. My hours were determined by the amount of time I spent taking inventory of all food and personnel hygiene products and also putting a money value on all items we received from donations from various K of C counsels.

There are still a lot of homeless Vets living on the streets and in small patches of wooded areas around the Tampa areas. These guys don't get much to eat so these donations really mean a lot to these guys, they know they can walk into this shelter and get something to eat even if it is only a package of crackers or a hot cup of Ramon noodles.
We also do a Thanksgiving Turkey drive each year. This year we donated 180 turkeys with all the fixings for a complete meal. This was all made possible by the donations of all the Assemblies in the VAVS District.

Rich is also responsible for buying the food and helping set up for the VA BBQ at Haley Cove retirement center for are vets along with many other Brother Knights and their wives from many Counsels. The retired Vets really enjoy this event and they enjoy the entertainment we provide for them and many of them really enjoy talking to the kids who perform for them as many of them don't have family. We also have a pizza party for the vets at the same location again they really enjoy these events. Again my hours are determined by the amount of time spent on the setting up for these events.

I also collected Christmas and Valentine cards from St Stephen Catholic School, Riverview,FL that the kids make for the veterans in which all the children participate. The cards are distributed at the Christmas and Valentine party to the patients at the Hospital along with gift bags of various items that are supplied by the Squires Circle of St. St. Stephen.

As a Sir Knight I' am proud to be part of all of these events and even if I only make one Veteran smile then this is what Patriotism is all about