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Prince of Peace Council 8791 Weekly blast for Monday - 9/02 thru Sunday - 9/08

- Prince of Peace Parish -

The Church Pantry needs your help on Wednesdays in the morning for approx. two hours each week.
We go to Second Harvest, load up the truck, and return to the church pantry to re-stock the shelves.
Please contact SK Jim Ostrowski directly at
jimostrowski42@gmail.com or call 386-301-0106

Giving of yourself brings happiness. Whether its your service, money, time or an open door or ear,
it all comes back with blessing. The law of reciprocity is just like gravity, it is unseen but is alive and well.

*** Check out the Prince of Peace Octoberfest website in the Library links below ***
- Knights of Columbus -
*** Upcoming Events ***
Sept. 7 – 9:00 am – Knights’ Right to Life Mass
Sept. 7 – 7:00 pm – Knights’ Hour of Adoration
Sept. 7 & 8 – Before & After each Mass – Ministry Fair
Sept. 9 – 6:00 pm – Bishop Thomas J Grady Assembly 2901
Officers Installation at Prince of Peace Red Room
followed by Assembly Membership Meeting.

-- Happy Birthday to our Brothers --
Charles Bristow Jr., Barrett Ferguson, James McCormack, Dr. Theodore Weber,
, Frederick Weston, Dale Martin Sr., Steven Gosney and James Rowley
Q: "Were any famous men born on your birthday?" A: "No, only little babies."

- Knights Hour of Adoration -
Our Knights Hour of Adoration is scheduled on Saturdays from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
We need at least one Knight to sign up for the following months for the fraternal year 2019-20;
November 30, February 29 and May 30

In addition, we need one Knight that can sign up to be backup for each Saturday of the month.
Please send me your preference for ONE HOUR PER MONTH!
click on the link below and tell me which Saturday you can serve.

This week in Special Olympics there are opportunities for volunteer service at the following locations and dates
(click on the hyperlinks for more information/details and volunteer points of contact) and in the coming weeks
closer opportunities in our area with our local Special Olympics Point of Contact (POC) Denise Breneman.
If you plan on attending any of these events, please notify our Life Program Category Director SK Angelo Salvo
at angelosalvo@hotmail.com and the Council at knightsofcolumbus8791@gmail.com so that we can organize
carpooling with other interested Knights and document our participation for Columbia Award Program requirements.
Thank you for serving with these great athletes and children of God.

- Knights helping Community -
Join one of these programs and help support your community!

ChoicesWomen's Clinic (CWC)
is a vital agency in the war on abortion.
They are saving lives with two ultrasound machines donated by the KofC Ultrasound Initiative and
the Central Florida Laps for Life. Please take a moment and read the attachment.

- Habitat for Humanity -
Join the gang every third Wednesday when we work with Habitat for Humanity.
Please contact our Grand Knight SK Mark Leary for additional information when you can help.
learymm4@gmail.com or call 386 235-8635

- Meals on Wheels -
The Volusia County Council on Aging needs drivers. Your council has signed up to
serve one “Meals on Wheels” route per month. We need one driver per week.
Please contact SK Skip Keating for further information.
skipkeatin@aol.com or call (386) 672-4536

- Special Olympics -
Knights of Columbus celebrate 50 years
Click on this link to visit the Florida Special Olympics website and sign up for an event near you.
Please contact SK Angelo Salvo for further information.
angelosalvo@hotmail.com or call 386-481-7043

Founder’s Day – Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche
Come see our Brother Scott Christoper portraying Father Francisco Lopez
September 7 @ 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
FL United States + Google Map
Celebrate 454th anniversary of the founding of St. Augustine/First Parish. 10:00 a.m. Historical Reenactment

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- Please Keep in your Prayers -
SK Fr. Titus Kachinda
Deacon Rick Van Glahn
SK Pete Chiaravalle
SK John Katrenicz
SK Bob Guidotti
SK Kevin Tilley

Remember - We exist to help our parish, our community and our council.
I encourage all our Knights to call the chairs of our different programs and ask
"What Can I Do?"

Director of Communications
SK John A. McCarthy, PGK
Prince of Peace Council 8791
Knights of Columbus