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Knights of Columbus

New Tool for Recruitment in the Digital Age

This was in the January 2019 Knightline Page 4. Every Council should have this set up.

The technology in our pockets can help us keep the conversation going and recruit new members of the Order
Have you ever had a conversation with a man who would make a great addition to your council — but he hesitates to commit?

“I need to think about it,” he says. Or, “I could use some more information.”

That’s when you take out your smartphone and pull up your council’s custom Prospecting Landing Page. The future Knight can simply type in his name and email address to learn about upcoming council events he and his family may want to attend. He'll get information about the Knights, even if he's not ready to commit at that moment.

He enters his email address — and right away, he gets a message thanking him for his interest and giving him the council’s contact information. Meanwhile, your council’s grand knight or membership director receives an alert that this man is a prospect for the council to recruit.

How can my council get a custom Prospecting Landing Page?
1. Visit http://info.kofc.org/pagerequest.
2. Provide your council’s basic information. Using these details, the Supreme Council’s Online Membership team will set up a landing page specifically for your council.
3. Try out the page. You can work with our team to customize it so the message is right for your council.

Your council’s custom Prospecting Landing Page extends the conversation with potential members beyond a few minutes. Now, you can keep them in the loop about council events and reasons to join. Meanwhile, these men will also receive weekly emails about the Knights from the marketing team at the Home Office.

Visit http://info.kofc.org/pagerequest for details.