Florida State Council

Knights of Columbus

Message From State Advocate

Worthy Sirs,

School is back in session and summer vacations are ending. At Walt Disney World the food and wine festival started. A festival at Epcot is nothing new as this is the 23rd food and wine festival. As I was looking over the options they will be serving at the Festival, I was thinking how the program Faith in Action is a little like the festivals. At the festival you receive a passport telling you what items are at each kiosk. At the kick off meetings in July we receive a nice reminder in the Fraternal Calendar out lining the programs and reports we need to complete each month. At the festival each kiosk offers a stamp, or you detach a stamp from your passport to remind you that you have visited that kiosk. The Fraternal calendar is similar in a way that it lets you know what the council accomplished for the month if it filled out properly.

While the festivals at Epcot are very successful, I was wondering why we don’t have a bigger percentage of councils completing their activity reports. I know following the book is not as much fun as eating and drinking around the world, but I can guarantee that if you follow the Fraternal Calendar you will feel much better at the end of the day then eating and drinking around the world. Each active council should have had at least one 1st degree and at least one council activity completed. If your council has not started any if these activities, then we must step up the efforts and start to focus on the activities that support our charitable efforts.

We as a group like to wait until the last minute to accomplish our council goals. We plan 2 or 3 major activities and that is what we focus on. But what about the small activities. As part of building the Domestic Church and starting the program Faith in Action. Have we talked to our parish priest about starting a small group by asking members of the parish to open their homes for a small group of people to talk about the weeks readings? Have you planned a Blue Mass or a corporate communion? As part of the new Faith in Action Family of the month no longer required to be just a Knight of Columbus but a member of the Parish community. Have you talked to the Parish Priest to discuss families that could possibly be nominated for this award? This could be a good recruitment tool as well.

Let’s get to work and start building the Domestic Church and working on the Faith in Action program. Please call your District Deputy or any of the State Officers if you have any questions.