Florida State Council

Knights of Columbus

KofC FSC Novena for Life program, with USCCB's 9 Days for Life

rother Knights,

Here is an easy way to get the credits for the REQUIRED Novena for Life program of Faith in Action's LIFE category. Please spread the word.

Knights, ask relatives, friends, parishioners to visit the following website:
It will lead you to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) website, which is hosting 9 Days for Life January 14-22.

Join the pro-life "digital pilgrimage" of prayer and action in either one of these 4 ways:
1. Sign up for daily emails (in English / en español)
2. Subscribe to receive a text message in your smart phone (in English / en español)
3. Click on the "Novena" link to view or print the PDF file, and follow the directions each day (in English / en español soon).
4. In your smart phone: To get the FREE 9 Days for Life mobile app, visit the Web Store / iTunes and search "9 Days for Life".

Knights send Email to their Council's Program Director to notify him who is participating in the campaign, and in which way (#1, #2, #3, #4, or #5). Ask relatives, friends, parishioners to notify you who is participating; forward emails to Program Director. He needs to keep track of the amount of participants, for the report.

For more information, see
(page 2, Novena for Life section - Thanks, DD64 Bill Sodan, for the info)
(Thousands of U.S. Catholics Prepare for Launch of “9 Days for Life” Campaign on January 14th)

5. You can also do a Novena for Life in the conventional way, by checking
(NOVENA FOR LIFE Action Steps and Resources)
The Prayer for Life prayer card is available at