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Is Jesus a Knight ?

The three jobs she was working in a small town outside of Detroit were not enough to cover the bills, and now her ex-husband had informed the young mother that he was leaving the country so the child support was ending.
The heat had been turned off and she and the girls were sleeping in front of an electric heater in sleeping bags on the floor of their mobile home.
When she discovered that they had run out of toilet paper and had no money to buy any, the single mother of two girls, as she said to me, "conned" one of her young daughters into going to the mobile home next door, to borrow a roll. This was about as low as it could get -- her life had been turned upside down since she and her husband had divorced. On top of everything else, her father had recently been diagnosed with cancer,so,between that and the feelings of guilt that come with being poor, she didn't want to let on to her family how bad things had become. Eventually, when her mom did find out and offered to help, she found she couldn't afford the gas to get to her
Than a man knocked on the door of her mobile home and said, "I hear your struggling"
Now, one of the most distressing things about being poor is the feeling of shame, that you're somehow at fault or have done something wrong, so the young mother said, "No, no, we're doing okay." "C'mon now, I'm here to help," he said. "I'm Frank, with the Knights of Columbus."
The young mother hadn't been to church for a while but, she let the man in and ended up pouring her heart out to him. Soon things began to get better. Her electric bill was paid, people brought her food, Christmas gifts were given to her two girls, all through the Knights of Columbus and the St. Vincent de Paul Society they had put her in touch with. She was also directed to Human Services and little by little was able to pull herself back up. She went back to school, got a degree and a good job, eventually becoming an administrator at an OB/GYN clinic for high risk, mostly indigent patients.
When she was diagnosed with cancer, it was Ash Wednesday. She saw people pulling into a church parking lot and followed the line of cars. Though she hadn't been to Mass in years, she felt drawn in. When it was time for communion, she got up to receive, and as she approached the priest who was distributing communion, he looked at her and smiled and, she knew that she'd done the right thing.
Dawn is now an active member of her parish as an ecumenical minister and also President of the St, Vincent de Paul Conference of San Antonio Parish.
Having been there herself, she feels she can understand the needs of the less fortunate, and is now in a position where she can make a difference in their lives, all because the Knights of Columbus cared enough to help, and a parish priest smiled at her.
She says now that when "Frank, with the Knights" came to her door, it was really Jesus. And perhaps that priest smiled at all the communicants that day but, who really knows how the Lord works?
We should all remember that asking if we can help or smiling at another doesn't take a lot of effort but, sometimes it can make all the difference in the world. A Knight can be like Jesus in spirit!