Florida State Council

Knights of Columbus

Have you downloaded the Florida State Council Mobile App

Knights of Columbus Florida State Council Mobile App

Download via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store for free


* Open the Google or Apple Store.

* Tap the search icon (the magnifying glass)

* Search - type the name of the master app Connectu Knights of Columbus

* Tap on the app - Tap 'Install'.

* After installation the app should appear on your device's dashboard o If you cannot find it on the dashboard, check your menu of apps · Tap on the app to open it

* Type ‘Florida’ in search window

* Click on ‘Florida State Council’

* Congratulations your individual app is installed and ready for use


* The App has 2 pages of icons – swipe left and right to view all 12 icons

* Each icon is labeled - Tap on an icon for that specific information

* At the top right of the screen is a little envelope icon that contains push

messages and the various distribution categories o Check the boxes of the distribution categories you want to receive or uncheck the ones you do not want to receive

* Tap on one of the message categories to see previously sent messages

for that category.

* Tap on the star icon next to the envelope icon to save the app as a favorite

Contact Louis Ortiz DD65 Text: 561-707-0312 email: lortizkocdd@yahoo.com
Or Ed Sleyzak DD47 Text 813.743.2805 email:districtdeputy47kofc@gmail.com