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Knights of Columbus

Florida State Free Throw Championship Winner

Knights of Columbus State Free Throw Champion
One of the many Faith in Action activities conducted by the St. Benedict Catholic Church Knights of Columbus is participation in an annual Free Throw Championship. The Council 15225 seeks both male and female candidates to shoot free throws in local, district, regional and State competition against Knights of Columbus Council representatives for all of Florida. This year Brayden Moeller, Inverness Middle School, won at all levels and was awarded the Florida State Free Throw Championship recently. He has an interesting story since he was once struck by lightning and has honed his skill practicing in his own driveway. While he doesn’t attribute his skill level to the freak accident, he does believe that his constant practicing allow him to be successful. His achievement allows him to remain in competition for the National and International awards which are presented this coming June. Council 15225 awarded him a Certificate of Appreciation for his accomplishment.