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Florida Constitution Reform Commission

I am an Life Member of Bishop Verot Council, 05845 in Indialantic. The Florida Constitution Reform Commission has been meeting since last year. This Commission held once every 20 years proposes changes to the Florida Constitution. I have been appearing before the Commission and also before the Education Committee to request that the Blaine Amendment be removed from the Florida Constitution. When the Education Committee recently voted on this matter it was approved unanimously as Proposition 4. However the process continues and there is no surety that the Proposition will appear on the November Ballot.

When I go before the Commissioners I am one of only a few voices in favor of proposition 4, while there is a strong lobby from the Teachers Unions who see this as a threat to Public schools. If we as Catholics believe that the most important role we play in our lives as Parents and Grandparents is to ensure we do everything possible to see that our children and grandchildren achieve salvation then we need to do something about it. Repealing the Blaine Amendment will goo a long way towards allowing our tax dollars being spent at the schools of our choice. The very last public meeting of the commission is to be held at the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg on March 13th at 1:00 p.m. Once again both I and my wife will be there to address the Commissioners. It would be wonderful if there were a strong showing of knights from the local Councils. I will be happy to answer any questions relating to this matter.
God Bless - Randal Agostini