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Knights of Columbus

District 55 donates $17,000 to Immokalee Pregnancy Center

On May 13, 2012, Worthy District Deputy 55 Richard Cain presented a check for $17,000.00 dollars to Diane Hanson of the Immokalee Pregnancy Center. The project started back in October of 2011 by a few members of Our Lady of Light Council 10498, who first thought of the idea.

The Immokalee Pregnancy Center is located in one of the poorest areas of the country. The area economy is primarily supported by migrant workers. Planned Parenthood of Naples picks up the mothers to be in Immokalee and takes them to Naples where abortions are often performed. The only guard against that happening is the Immokalee Pregnancy Center; there was an urgent need that we purchase an Ultrasound machine.

All the Councils in District 55 went right to work. Each Council had their own way of raising the funds. St. Cecilia Council 13483 in Fort Myers, FL. had a speaker from Immokalee speak at all the Masses and raised $3,500.00 dollars in one day. Ascension Council 10318 in Fort Myers Beach, FL. had a Pancake Breakfast every Sunday plus Pro-Life dinners. The same for St. John Council 11281 in Naples, FL. and Our Lady of Light Council 10498 in Estero, FL. This project was a group effort headed by DD Richard Cain and everybody did a great job. The Supreme Council will match the funds and the Pregnancy Center should have their ultrasound by late June.

After Mass on May 13th, with the Color Corps from Our Lady of the Rosary Assembly 2542, the check was presented to Diane and Dave Hanson from the Immokalee Pregnancy Center. Other donations came in as well to support shipping costs and the salary for the Ultrasound technician.

To the other Districts looking to raise funds for Ultrasound machines for their local Pregnancy Centers, it is very easy to do if all of the Brothers work together.

Article submitted by:
Dave and Kathy Erickson
State Pro-Life Chair Couple