Florida State Council

Knights of Columbus

Council School Supplies Drive Helping the Quest for Knowledge

It is amazing how a simple act of charity can sometimes take on life of its own. So it was when Knight of Columbus Switzerland Council 12664 collected school supplies to help students at San Juan Del Rio Catholic School. The Brother Knights of the council took advantage of the penny sales at local office supply stores to put together a large collection of school supplies for the beginning of the school year.

When the supplies were delivered the excitement was damped when the conversations turned to the needs of parents that find themselves in a difficult and challenging position of providing for their children’s needs in seeing that they have the tools for a good education. The economy has affected so many families that simple things like buying pencils and paper are a monumental endeavor when just putting food on the table is a daily challenge.
After hearing of the plight of so many in the community, SJDR School Principal Lou Pereira decided that the generous donation of supplies to their school would be better put to use helping the children of the of the community. To provide help to those parents who may be too proud to come forward for assistance. He took the beginning nest egg provided by the Knights of Columbus and began a School Supplies Drive with the help of the Knights of Columbus. Donations were accepted from SJDR parishioners, parents of students and concerned members of the community to send a bit of care and love to the students who by no fault of their own find themselves disadvantaged in their quest for knowledge.
The donations were delivered to Christ’s Cupboard Food Bank to be distributed to students at Crookshank Elementary School in St. Augustine. Crookshank Elementary is located in one of the neediest areas of St. Johns County. The supplies were welcomed by both parents and the students. Always remember that a simple act of charity can have farther reaching effect than first imagined.