Florida State Council

Knights of Columbus


After months of preparation, Council 10055 San Marcelino Champagnat and the Christopher Columbus High School Squires Circle 3877 made it all happen. On a beautiful Miami morning, both groups, family and friends got together in the school cafeteria on Sunday November 24th at 7:00 am to create 62 boxes of food products, baked goods, and a gift certificate to be tendered to 62 needy families of our base parish and two missions.
As the council has been doing for years, this Thanksgiving tradition takes time in preparation and is perhaps the most elaborate and complex of the council’s programs with the possible exception of the upcoming toy distribution. The council members donate food or money, other members acquire the products, get donations, get sponsors, and create a pre-determined list of food products that have long shelf life and are useful past Thanksgiving. The council works with the missions to identify needy families who would not celebrate Thanksgiving without a helping hand. Rather than a frozen turkey, a gift card for the meat of choice is included in the distribution.
Like a well-oiled machine, the process is a logistic marvel: products are staged on tables and the squires move around the tables with set up boxes while the Knightss and other adults fill the boxes with product. Once completed, the boxes await for distribution. The distribution of the products follows a Thankgiving celebration with songs, gospel readings, prayers, meditations, thankfulness, and love. Once the celebration is complete at the home parish, the remaining boxes are loaded into the school bus and a caravan of Knightss and families follow to the missions some 15 miles away. The celebration is repeated and the boxes distributed. Those who do not have means of transportation arrange with a Knights to have the box delivered.
After a long Sunday of hard work, everyone is tired but fulfilled by the fulfillment of the task. The group is already taking down notes to improve the process for next year.

Click on this link for pictures of the event.