Florida State Council

Knights of Columbus

Change in Membership Director

Donald Kahrer

State Deputy

829 Grovesmere Loop

Ocoee, Fl 34761

December 23rd, 2018

Worthy Sirs,

As some of you may know; Membership Director Ron Kosey has been battling a bad back for some time now. To assist Brother Ron in his duties I have appointed Brother John O’Toole as Membership Director for the remaining fraternal year. Brother Ron will stay on as Vice Membership Director during this time. This change takes effect immediately. Please keep Brother Ron in your prayers as he goes through back surgery.

Membership Director John, State Secretary Scott O’Connor, and I will be traveling around the State on a Membership and Programs tour throughout the rest of the fraternal year. Please congratulate Brother John for stepping up and helping Brother Ron and the Florida State Council as we continue to lead the Order is our works of Charity, Fraternalism, Unity and Patriotism.


Donald Kahrer

State Deputy