Florida State Council

Knights of Columbus

Assembly155 Supports "SUPPORT OUR TROOP" Program

Knights of Columbus Father Andrew Doherty Assembly 0155 Faithful Comptroller Tony Troccoli presented a $500 donation to Bob Gebbia, Village of North Palm Beach Councilman and Chairman of the North Palm Beach "Support Our Troop" Program and Guy DiGennaro, Co-Chairman, at Anchorage Park Activities Building in North Palm Beach, FL.

The Knights of Columbus Council and Assembly members assisted a large number of volunteers who packaged over 1000 care packages to be sent for Christmas to the 2-27 Infantry, “Wolfhounds”, military unit in Afghanistan. The NPB Support Our Troop program is part of Support Our Troops USA, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation. This is an organization of unpaid volunteers with 100% of all contributions and donations used to deliver goods and services to our military personnel. Call the Village Clerk’s Office at 561-841-335 for information and donations.

Enclosed picture: A donation of $500 is being presented to Bob Gebbia, Councilman of Village of North Palm Beach and Chairman of NPB Support Our Troop Program (left) by Tony Troccoli, Knights of Columbus Faithful Comptroller with Guy DiGennaro, Co-Chairman of NPB Support Our Troop program.