Florida State Council

Knights of Columbus

Article from the State Secretary

In August, the Florida delegation including our Sate Deputy, IPSD, eight delegates, myself and our wives were privileged to attend the 136th Supreme Convention, in Baltimore. We started out by attending a liturgy celebrated by Most Reverend William E. Lori, Archbishop of Baltimore & Supreme Chaplain. During the convention the Knights launched its 18th Marian Prayer Program, featuring a special commissioned icon of “Our Lady Help of Persecuted Christians,” created by the Italian artist Fabrizio Diomedi. The Icons were blessed during a special Mass and will be traveling throughout each jurisdiction. We also were introduced to the latest territorial jurisdiction to be admitted into the order, the territory of the Republic of Korea and we were introduced to the new state council of Ukraine. Attending a Supreme Convention is a great opportunity to meet fellow Catholics from many different places and countries, we learn about each other’s successes and issues and look for common ways to continue the great works of our Order. To learn more about what goes on at the Supreme Convention, visit the website: www.kofc.org/un/en/conv/2018. As we head into September, the children are back in school, and hectic schedules begin to squeeze us for time, it’s probably a good time to take stock of where we are in regards to our council goals and focus on our plan for the fraternal year. Is your council on-track to achieve its goals? If you are not quite where you planned to be, don’t fret, there is still time to catch up, but, you need to act now. One nice way to help your recruiting efforts and help your parish community is to host a Corporate Communion event. Often, these events can be combined along with a “welcome-back barbeque” Here is an outline on how one of these events can work. Note: a simple barbeque with hot-dogs, hamburgers, chips and soft drinks do not cost much and go a long way in building goodwill.

Get permission from the Pastor / Chaplain to have a barbeque event following Sunday Masses. Typically, a Corporate Communion should be the last Scheduled Mass on a given Sunday – usually around lunch time.

Prepare a notice in the Church bulletin at least two weeks in advance and follow up the following week as well. Post signs and notices around the parish campus and school (with permission). If your council uses social media, post and message the information.

Request Color Corp from the councils affiliated Assembly, remember to invite them to join you for lunch at the barbeque.

Ask for the Chaplain or other Priest who is a member of the Order, to be the Celebrant. Organize as many Knights who are involved in other ministries such as Deacons, Lectors, Ushers – to participate in the Corporate Communion Mass.

Organize tables set-up outside the church with literature on the K of C, membership information and information on our Service Programs, Charities and Insurance. Have staff man the tables and direct people to visit the barbeque.

Invite the Fraternal Benefits Agent to participate and make sure he has a table and what ever equipment he needs to address insurance issues with prospects. This table should be set up in a prominent place near the barbeque.

Have a cooking committee that will pick up the food, prepare and distribute it and clean up afterwards.

Organize some games for children to take place during the barbeque. Some councils even hold their basketball free-throw or soccer challenge in conjunction with an event like this. Others just have some pick up games and/or some things for young children such a balloon give away, face painting or similar.

On the day of the Corporate Communion make sure that all the Knights and their families sit in a group, have the Color Corp lead the procession and recession, make sure the announcements include a brief description of the Corporate Communion, who the Knights of Columbus are and an invitation for all to stop by the tables for information and to stop at the barbeque. Ask the Celebrant (Priest/Knight) to tell his story of how the Knights of Columbus has positively affected his life – during the Mass, either in the Homily or in remarks. If the Celebrant is not a Knight ask for permission to have a representative make a brief pulpit announcement – there are prepared “pulpit” announcements available from the Supreme Supply department or better yet, tell your own story of how you came to be a Knight.

It is suggested that you do not charge for attending the barbeque, however, donations are acceptable. Remember this is a service being provided to the parish on behalf of the K of C. This is your opportunity to show the parish how we support building the domestic church through our “Faith in Action”.