Florida State Council

Knights of Columbus

2019 Supreme Convention

Worthy Brothers,my trip to the Supreme Convention in Minneapolis Minnesota led to a spirit filled journey. The Supreme Convention crystallized the vision of Fr. Michael J. McGivney of Catholic men coming together in Faith to protect our families and church. Each event, lead me to meet joyful Knights and their families.
It is the Supreme dinner that I will focus my experience for this article. While eating dinner,each delegation had a song to sing with a handy songbook with lyrics. As each delegation sang, others will rally to their table(s) to celebrate their joyful and holy lives with one another. Witnessing this, I felt I was in the company of future saints. Using the songbook, I proceeded to obtain autographs from each of the delegations. What a blessing to gratefully received autographs from my Brother Knights.
I end my summation with gratitude to our State Deputy Scott O'Connor, his wife Marybeth, and the whole delegation from Florida. God bless the Knights of Columbus.

2019 Delegate Tom Bradley PGK