Florida State Council

Knights of Columbus

2019 Convention Resolution Submissions

This is a reminder that all Resolutions must be in by April 9th. We only have a month to go

Re: Resolutions Submissions.

Worthy Brothers,

As we continue to create a better experience for the members on the web site it has been decided that all resolutions to be submitted to the State Advocate for consideration will need to be mailed and received by April 9th, 2019. We will not accept any resolution through the web site. It is suggested that you use Ariel font in word when filling out the resolution. We would like all resolution to look uniformed for the book. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at URRUTIA_25@msn.com. The mailing address is as follows:

339 Whisper Ridge Loop
Davenport Fl. 33897

I will notify the senders of receipt of all resolutions. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Convention.

Thank you for all your hard work this year.

Vivat Jesus

Robert S. Urrutia

State Advocate

Resolutions Adopted by a Council

Councils that wish to submit a resolution for consideration by the Florida State Council must do so by properly preparing and sending them to the State Advocate in advance. The Resolutions Committee as described in Article IV, Section 2 of the By-Laws of the Knights of Columbus, Florida State Council, must review these resolutions.

Article IV, Section 2. (RESOLUTIONS COMMITTEE) Prior to a vote thereon, the Resolution Committee must review all proposed resolutions, and shall, if necessary, conduct hearings relating to such resolutions, submitting a report to the meeting on all resolutions, approved or rejected, with recommendations, if any. The Committee may refuse to consider any resolution that is neither submitted through the resolution have been typed, contain the council seal, and submitted to the Sate Advocate. All resolutions shall be submitted or postmarked to the Sate Advocate forty-five (45) days prior to the date of the Annual Meeting. [For the 2019 Annual Meeting the date of submission must be on or before April 9, 2019] Late resolutions may be accepted after the postmarked due date but will not be included in the State Convention Report Book and will require the submitter to supply the original and seven-hundred (700) copies of the resolution for distribution to the convention delegates. No resolutions will be acce4pted after 12:00 Noon of the first day of the Annual Meeting.

Resolutions submitted other than by electronic means should be on Council stationary in the proper format, with the signature of the Grand Knight and Council Recorder along with the council seal. A sample resolution is available for reference. In order to facilitate the proper printing of these resolutions as well as examination by the Committee, all resolutions must be in typewritten form and post marked and received NO LATER THAN APRIL 8. All resolutions must be submitted in “TRIPLICATE” with the council seal affixed to each copy.

Please note that any resolutions sent for delivery after April 9, will NOT BE INCLUDED UNLESS: After April 8, (Late entries) resolutions will still be accepted if they are hand delivered to the State Advocate at the convention hotel, on the Friday of the convention prior to 12:00 noon. Any resolution hand delivered must be provided in sufficient copies to be distributed at the Convention. Therefore, all resolutions provided after April 9, and received on Friday, at the convention, must be in the quantity of 700 copies (produced at your expense) or they will not be considered. DO NOT SEND LATE ENTRIES TO THE STATE ADVOCATES ADDRESS – THEY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.”

PRIOR TO APRIL 9 BY US MAIL: Please send all resolutions addressed to: State Advocate, Florida State Council, Knights of Columbus 339 Whisper Ridge Loop, Davenport, FL 33897. Note: Please do not send any resolution via courier or delivery method requiring a signature. Any items sent requiring a signature for delivery will be returned to sender and will not count as being received in time. Thank you in advance for your co-operation and look forward to seeing you at the State Convention in May. Resolutions that are passed at the State Convention shall be submitted to the Supreme Council for consideration. Only those resolutions that have been "adopted" by the State Council that the State Council wishes to have "adopted" by the Supreme Council shall be included. Under the Order’s procedures, Supreme Council delegates can consider only those resolutions that have been officially “adopted” by a State Council or submitted by the Board of Directors. Resolutions that have not been adopted by the State Council should not be forwarded to the Supreme Council. Nor should such resolutions be “referred” to the Supreme Council for its consideration. Simply voting to “refer” the resolution to the Supreme Council for its consideration is an ineffective action. Your State Council must affirmatively adopt the resolution in order for the Supreme Council to consider the resolution. “Adoption” of a resolution by your State Council means that the program, policy, or sentiments expressed in the resolution have the support of the delegates to your State Council meeting. By adopting a resolution and submitting the resolution to the Supreme Council, the State Council is stating that it supports the resolution and recommends that the Supreme Council adopt the resolution. For information regarding amendments to state council by-laws, see the Officers' Desk Reference entry