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Knights of Columbus

My PC never gives me the results I want from the state web site.

The reality of our web site is that it is very powerful and uses all of the modern computer languages in order to produce the product that we have created. When a PC does not get the desired end result, we need to take a look first of all at the web browser on the end users PC and be sure it is compatible with what we have produced.

Worthy Brother what web browser are you using. We have District Deputies that have reported issues and their web browser is always in the middle of the mix so to speak. At the bottom of page 1 on the site, we have a disclosure that says "This site runs best with Google Chrome or Firefox". We know for a fact that AOL will not produce some of our screens because of the javascript code running in the background.

The screen you are talking about requires the software reads the database and then sends the output to your computer. This is done with javascript. If your system is too old or you do not have either of the browsers mentioned previously, you may experience the intermittent results you are getting.

Do you know anyone else with a PC that you can try to access this information from. Please let me know more about your web browser. Please remember that this may not be the problem but it's typically a good starting point.