Florida State Council

Knights of Columbus

How come the "Years of Service" is incorrect and how do I fix it.

  • The Financial Secretary of the council needs to take the latest report from the Supreme web site and download it to his computer. It is important to remember that it must be in XLS format and not PDF. You will find it on the first page after you login. It is under Reports. Please use the latest date available and not the older dates.
  • After downloading the report from Supreme, go to the State web site and click on Council, Member Management and import spreadsheet. Point to the location of your downloaded spreadsheet and click on it. It may come back and tell you that it will only accept an XLS file.
  • It may be the you don't own Microsoft Excel and do own Libre Open Office or some similar product. Simply open the spreadsheet file using the software that you have and then save it as an XLS file. It will not accept the Libre ODF format from Open office.
  • This will upload the spreadsheet to the State web site and will also display a series of differences if you have any. For instance, If a member was on your State site and not on Supreme, it will ask you what happened to the member. Answer the questions and your process is done.
  • You may wish to check your information at Supreme each Tuesday to determine if their are any changes to your council from week to week. If you have changes from week to week, upload them to the State web site using this process.
  • Let me know if you need more help.