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Knights of Columbus

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Are you planning on going to the State Convention next year. This is an important question but the answer is not so simple.

By next year, the system will be automated. You will need to be a registered Financial Secretary of the Knights of Columbus in Florida in order to complete the delegate registration forms. Additionally you will need to be a registered member of the Knights of Columbus in Florida in order to register for the convention.

Lets make some assumptions.

  • We uploaded the K of C database a year ago so you membership records on the state level are now a year old.
  • Your council added 10 new members and one of them is your new Financial Secretary.
  • Because you have not uploaded your data, your Financial Secretary is not on the Florida State Council database.
  • It's time to register delegates for the convention. This is no way you can do this.
  • Also, any of the other 9 new members will not have the opportunity to go to the convention because according to the Florida State Council Database, they are not registered members.

We have developed a mechanism to determine when the last time was the Supreme database table was uploaded to the state on a council by council basis and an assembly by assembly basis.

Several months back, the State Programs Director Vincent Cipriano sent communications that asked all councils to upload the data to the State Web site at least once every 30 days. This is not happening at present and will potentially become a serious problem for some councils and assemblies in the not to distant future.