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Knights of Columbus

Communication from Supreme Concerning UKnight Interactive

This morning many of our Knights of Columbus Councils, Grand Knights and Financial Secretaries received an email sent from the address, “mail@kofcknights.org,” and signed “Leonard Labriola, UKnight Interactive.” That email contained misleading and false information, and that has caused substantial confusion and concern among our councils. In response to the numerous inquiries we have received, this office is writing you to clarify the misconceptions created by this email.

UKnight is a company that provides website and interactive services to a number of Knights of Columbus councils and agents. Its leader is Leonard Labriola. After Mr. Labriola and UKnight were unsuccessful in seeking to persuade the Knights of Columbus to endorse it as a “designated vendor” for the entire Order, they filed suit against the Order in January 2017. The Order has denied each of the claims alleged in their lawsuit, and it is vigorously defending the case. The federal court in Denver has already dismissed some of UKnight’s claims.

Even though the email was sent from “mail@kofcknights.org,” this is not a Knights of Columbus address. That email is not from the Knights of Columbus.

The email also misstates what the court ordered and implies that it gave UKnight a “job” to collect membership information from you and that your council is under a “requirement” to provide information to UKnight. This is false. Do not comply with this request. It was not made or authorized by the Knights of Columbus, and it is not an order of the court.

Knights of Columbus membership information is confidential. Financial Secretaries see and affirm the following statement every time they seek access to this information:
By clicking 'I Agree' I certify that I am a member in good standing with the Knights of Columbus and will not copy, merge, disseminate, distribute, transmit or make available the enclosed reports to anyone not involved with the Knights of Columbus or to anyone for non-Knights of Columbus-related business and I will take the appropriate measures to protect the information. These materials are solely intended for the use of Knights of Columbus officers in the conduct of Knights of Columbus business. Unauthorized distribution or reproduction for non-Knights of Columbus business is strictly prohibited.
If you have any questions or information about this matter, please contact inquiries@kofc.org.

The Office of the Supreme Secretary