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August 28, 2018 - 5:08pm -- John Hennessy

Brothers All,

A large part of the content of this website comes from you as anyone can enter news and events from their council. It is in this area that I ask for your help. We have over 380 councils in the State of Florida. Most councils elect a Knight of the Month, elect a Family of the Month, hold fund-raising dinners, etc. While these activities are truly significant for your council and should indeed be publicized, submitting them to the State website is counter productive since after a few submission your notice will be pushed further down in the queue. More significantly, information that has a more global appeal will also quickly become inaccessible. So I am asking each of you, before submitting an event or a news article, ask yourself "does this have any real interest outside of my council or my parish?" If not, then maybe the proper place is your council newsletter (which you can save on this website) or perhaps the local newspaper.

If you have posted a news article or event only to find that it has disappeared, please accept my apology, but please understand the rationale.

We are currently developing council-specific variants of the news and events sections, along the lines of the Council Newsletter area, for councils without their own website. This would allow one to publish a local event and make it available on the website via an explicit search/selection.

Thank you.

John Hennessy
State Webmaster

(first published October 2, 2012)