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March 21, 2016 - 2:14pm -- John Hennessy

The primary purpose of the photo in the My Account section is for identification. The photos are used in the various directories and are a significant part of the badges we generate (e.g., at the State Convention). If you're running for a state office or as a delegate to the Supreme convention, your photo appears on the ballot

And although we all love small children and animals, do not include them in your photo. Do not use a vacation photo. The grand Canyon is majestic but we've all seen it. Same for boats, motorcycles, ....

Do not include group photos. The only other person that should be in you photo is your spouse. There is no reason to have a picture of yourself wearing a shirt with a 'clever' (to you) slogan. And yes, this includes Tootsie Roll aprons.

In this day when, if we aren't walking around with a camera in our pocket we know someone who does, there is no reason why you can't post a respectful photo. A head shot is preferred, the shot shouldn't include anything below the breast bone. (Apologize to your wife, but explain that you ca't get the entire dress in the photo; the webmaster is an ogre.) Full length photos miss the point (yes, I understand, you wanted to get a good view of the background). And please, take off the sun glasses!

We run through the photos from time to time and, frankly, some of them are just embarrassing. They are quickly removed.

The editorial controls are going to be more strictly enforced in the future. This has already started. If you discover that your photo is no longer there, assume that it was removed and replace it with a more appropriate one.

One last thing: portrait (vs landscape) mode. If the person taking the picture holds the phone sideways, you picture will come out in landscape mode. Great if you want those mountains in the background but your picture will end up being displayed sideways. There are more than a few like that (even had one upside down).

You should be proud to be a Knight. Let your photo express that pride.