Florida State Council

Knights of Columbus

Membership - Win 4 -day Cruise

Brother Knights,

How would you like to win a 4 day Cruise to the Bahamas? Sounds like alot of fun does it not?

In order to get a chance to win this cruise all you have to do is recruit one new member between now and June 30th and have it processed through Supreme. That's right! Recruit one new member thats all you have to do! Of course the caveat is that The Florida Jurisdction needs to meet their membership goal for the year. We need your help in reaching this goal and for that we will give one lucky recruiter a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas!

So, lets get those Form 100's signed and get them to an admissions Degree or go to www.kofc.org/joinus and have them sign up through emembership! You can get credit for an eMember by making sure they put your member number in when online. It's that easy!

Can we do this! Yes we can! We need to have 592 new members in the 4.5 weeks. That is 18.5 new members a day. Let's show the Order that Florida is up for the Challenge and ask a Catholic Gentleman to join the Knights of Columbus today!